The Junior Counselor program seeks to strengthen the impact of HTA through the peer mentorship offered by past camp participants aged 15-18 years old.  Junior Counselors are former campers selected through and application and interview process to becoming peer leaders. Their own time spent as campers strengthens the empathy and impact they have in connecting with current campers as they gain real workplace experience in their new role.

The Junior Counselor Program strives to provide a safe and supportive opportunity for participants to develop into effective peer leaders and creative citizens. Junior Counselors draw on their own experience to cultivate confidence, interpersonal skills, and empathy in their work with younger campers. Junior Counselors also gain tools to better understand how their experiences may allow them to be unique role models, empathic individuals, and positive leaders beyond their time in HTA.


  1. Explore and implement strengths as mentor and role model while working with younger peers
  2. Learn and develop leadership values through group discussion, daily tasks, and assignments.
  3. Gain better understanding of how to be a productive employee and successful representative of a larger organization through work with various staff members.
  4. Build and maintain a sense of community among peer counselors to illustrate the importance of support networks and positive peer influence.
  5. Thoughtfully consider future goals and gain various resources for further exploration of career possibilities.

Applications for Junior Counselors will be available shortly.