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What is Hearts to Art? Hearts to Art is an annual summer camp designed for young people 7-14 years old who have experienced the death of one or more parents.

When is camp? Hearts to Art holds two sessions over the summer, the first for ages 7-10 and the second for ages 11-14. Each Session runs for two weeks. For 2020, Session One is July 6-17 and Session Two is July 20-31.

Is Hearts to Art camp happening this summer?  Yes, although it will not be an in-person camp. Camp will run on the same dates for the same age groups, and be full day programs with a mix of online experiences and at-home activities. We will deliver packages to our campers so they have all the supplies that they need to fulfill our programming.

We will continue to have expert arts educators lead daily classes in music, dance and theatre, and we will present 4 shows in 4 weeks – two talent shows and two final shows. We will have caregiver support groups, licensed counselors working with our staff, and will continue small healing groups. We will have speakers sharing their stories, and guest artists leading workshops.

We are working on meeting families where they are at, so while we will have full days of activities available, we understand that it may not be possible for all campers to be with us for the full days. We are working on developing programming with a very large range of options to help support the individual needs of the familial situations, while maintaining the integrity of camp.

We acknowledge that the biggest thing for our campers happening right now is the COVID crisis. Our goal, as always, is to support our campers through this and we are going to be on a learning curve together as to what that means.

What is the cost of Hearts to Art? As of our 2020 season we are thrilled to announce that Hearts to Art will be offered at no cost to our camp families!

How long has Hearts to Art been running? Hearts to Art started in 2005. In 2019, we celebrated our 15th Anniversary!

Does Hearts to Art accept children experiencing non-parental loss, like a sibling or grandparent? Hearts to Art specializes in working with children who have experienced the loss of a parent. Please explore our additional resources for other programs and camps that may be better suited to your child’s needs.

How many campers will be accepted? Enrollment is limited to 45 campers per session. Campers will be grouped by age. Each session will offer age-appropriate programming.

What is achieved at Hearts to Art? Using several different areas of the performing arts, Hearts to Art encourages communication, fosters emotional growth, and provides friendship, compassion, and community. Camp activities encourage team building, self-esteem, consciousness, and problem-solving. Through interaction with other children who have experienced a similar loss, campers understand that they are not alone.

What are some camp activities? Hearts to Art is a performing arts camp, meaning that each day campers work in developing skills in acting, movement, improvisation, singing, and more through fun and exciting classes. Additionally, small group healing sessions and our guest speaker sessions provide campers with the opportunity to share about their loss, if they choose to do so. Campers also rehearse and stage a final showcase performance.

Does my camper have an opportunity to talk about their loss? Small group creative activities are facilitated by professional healing counselors. This provides campers a safe time and place to express and share their feelings with peers. There are a Small group creative activities are facilitated by professional healing counselors. This provides campers a safe time and place to express and share their feelings with peers.

Does Hearts to Art have a program for teens? Our Junior Counselor program is designed for previous campers ages 15-18 who want to remain connected and give back to camp.

Is Hearts to Art a suitable environment for a child with special needs? While we are not specifically a special needs camp, our staff is trained to handle special circumstances to a limited extent. Please contact us with specific questions or needs, and we’d be happy to discuss possibilities!

Who are the camp instructors? Our staff is comprised of a wide variety of people with a passion for, and experience in, the arts and working with children. Previous staff members hold degrees in education, music, dance and theatre performance, social work, and counseling. Our healing counselors are therapists and/or social workers with experience in grief counseling. All staff have prior experience working with young people, have cleared background checks, and are trained as mandated reporters through the Auditorium Theatre.

What is the ratio of adults to students? To ensure a fun, safe, and supportive camp, we keep a high ratio of caring adults to campers at Hearts to Art.

How do I apply? NOW! Click here to apply today. Application Deadline: June 20, 2020 or once all spots are filled. We encourage you to send your application in as soon as possible. If camp has been filled prior to receipt of a camper’s application, we will place the camper on a waiting list and contact you immediately should a space become available.

Who can I contact for additional information? For questions regarding enrollment, please email [email protected].

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