THE THEATRE FOR THE PEOPLE | 2017-18 Student Matinee Series

Plan a memorable and enriching trip to the Auditorium Theatre – a National Historic Landmark – for your students. You’ll receive a FREE Classroom Companion that can connect with national learning standards and help you guide your students as you prepare them for the performances.

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Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Theater | October 6
$10 per person

In Ensemble Español’s Tales of Spain, learn all about the traditions of Spanish dance and music, from the elegant classical dances to the colorful folklore to the exciting and fiery flamenco! These traditions originated in community celebrations but are now performed on famous stages around the globe.

Curriculum Connection: Social Studies and Cultural Studies

Too Hot to Handel: The Jazz-Gospel Messiah | January 12
$10 per person

Jazz and gospel music were born in the churches and music halls of the United States. This music of the American people provides an exciting new twist to George Frideric Handel’s classic Messiah. Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s message of “beloved community,” this is a great opportunity to explore what can happen when the people raise their voices for the common good!

Curriculum Connection: African American Studies, Social Studies, and Writing/Literacy

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater | March 9
$12 per person — must be booked and paid in full by February 12, 2018 :: $15 per person after February 12, 2018

As America’s Cultural Ambassadors, the Ailey company brings the experience of American people to the world. Experience the renowned Revelations, a piece inspired by Alvin Ailey’s childhood in a rural Texan community, and discover the history of this incredible company.

Curriculum Connection: African American Studies and Social Studies.

+Add a Residency!

  • FREE City-Wide Too Hot Poetry Contest!
  • Too Hot to Handel and Dr. King’s Beloved Community: choose from a one class Workshop, five-class Residency, or an eight-class Poetry Residency.
  • Ensemble Español and Alvin Ailey: Five-class “Power in Movement” residency that explores the power of community.

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What Young People & Educators Say:

“Whoa! Would you look at this place!”
— 3rd grade student upon entering the Auditorium for our Alvin Ailey Student Matinee in 2017.

“When my students saw Too Hot to Handel, the look on their faces was priceless!
— 3rd Grade Teacher

“After my students took a field trip to the Auditorium Theatre, one of my students wrote a two page essay on his own time describing everything that he saw from the moment they left school on the bus to head downtown, to walking into the theatre, to the performance itself, describing the experience with all of his senses. He truly enjoyed the entire experience!
— 4th Grade Teacher