Published: July 23, 2019

Chief Executive Officer

The next CEO of the Auditorium Theatre will provide strategic, entrepreneurial and innovative leadership to grow and guide the organization’s significance and impact.

In partnership the CEO and Board of Directors will develop a vision and strategic plan for the Auditorium Theatre’s next chapter and work closely with its various constituents on the plan’s successful implementation and evaluation efforts. The vision will broadly define the direction for the Auditorium Theatre over the next decade and will lead to plans for programming, physical improvements and revenue generation.

The CEO will be responsible for identifying programming that coincides with the new strategic direction of the institution. The Joffrey Ballet’s departure from the Auditorium Theatre beginning in 2020 opens up a significant opportunity for the organization to rethink, further diversify and expand its programming.

The CEO will provide strategic, artistic and production leadership through the following responsibilities:

  • Creating an identity for the Auditorium Theatre, making it ”the” place to see live entertainment in Chicago.
  • Developing an appropriate mix of mission-based programming, partnerships and rentals according to the mission and the fiscal goals of the organization.
  • Seeking out opportunities of synergy with the University to provide students, faculty and staff with unique opportunities to experience and learn from world-class artistic performances.

Additionally, the CEO will work to establish relationships both locally and nationally with corporations, foundations and individuals as a key advocate for the Auditorium Theatre. Key responsibilities include:

  • Working with the Chief Development Officer to make new strategic philanthropic connections.
  • Directly participating with the Board of Directors in building relationships with civic, corporate and philanthropic leaders.
  • Acting as the primary spokesperson for the Auditorium Theatre to the media, constituents, and the community in general.
  • Working with the Chief Marketing Officer to develop and monitor appropriate public relations, marketing, and public affairs programs.
  • Working with the Chief Operating Officer to create an atmosphere of service throughout the organization and ensuring that front-of-house, back stage and other support personnel provide high quality and valuable service to all clients, artists and audiences/members.
  • Assisting in creating significant sponsorship opportunities to ensure that programming is mission-driven and financially successful.

As the key administrative officer, the CEO will be responsible for the following activities:

  • Developing and implementing management strategy and administrative policies that support the mission and advance the artistic and financial goals of the organization.
  • Working with the Chief Financial Officer to create and monitor the annual budgets, both operating and capital, to ensure short and long term fiscal health; likewise, making certain that cash flow permits the organization to make steady progress towards achievement of the mission and that those funds are allocated properly to reflect present needs and future potential.
  • Providing on-going strategic leadership to the organization; working to position the Auditorium Theatre and further develop the brand, and working closely with the Chief Programming Officer to further refine the programming vision and ensure its fulfillment
  • Overseeing organizational structure and staffing plans, hiring, motivating, monitoring, evaluating and replacing staff as needed; managing annual employee evaluations and compensation programs.
  • Maximizing staff resources to achieve cost effectiveness and optimal service to clients and patrons;
  • Promoting a healthy working relationship with union personnel and leading in negotiations with unions regarding contracts.
  • Ensuring a transparent operating relationship with the University.

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