October 1, 2016

Performance in Katten-Landau Studio, 425 S Wabash Ave, 4th floor

Mandala Arts presents the melodic brilliance of two stringed instruments: the Santoor and the Sarod. The Santoor, beckoned with a pair of wooden tongs, has newly been adapted into Hindustani Classical music, but is found throughout Central Asia and Europe. Played by Mumbai-based, international Santoor maestro, Satish Vyas, transports us with its delicate meditative sound—created by over 100 strings. The Sarod, evolved from the Afghan Rabab, has a long metal fingerboard that allows for melismatic “sliding”, the mark of Hindustani music. Played by Mandala artist, Vikas Deo, the Sarod awes with its depth and “vocal” tones. Tracing back to Islamic movement through South Asia nearly 1500 years ago, Mehfil is an atmospheric experience, a plunge into Hindustani sound.

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