Brictson, HannaHello, my name is Hanna, and I am a dancer with River North Dance Chicago.

At the end of this month I will be premiering my choreographic debut on RNDC at the historic Auditorium Theatre! It’s weird to be writing that — and even harder to say!  It is truly a dream come true. The Auditorium is where I grew up dreaming of one day performing. It’s surreal that not only have I already performed many times on the stage in the last ten years while dancing for River North, but now I will be premiering my choreography there. There’s no other place in the country that I would be more in awe of to have this opportunity. As a Chicago native, it means so much to me.
My inspiration for Beast is an accumulation of moments in my life. It’s inspired by the growth and ownership I have as a women — all the facets, strengths and vulnerabilities we have and how we learn to be empowered by them.  With Beast, I wanted to capture the journey we go through, circumstances of defeat and gains, of push/pull and ultimately the release of letting go.Beast 64 Haeley Meier_Photo by Cheryl Mann

Working with my peers — the 5 women of River North — has been wonderful. I know these women very well, which has been an incredible benefit for me because of what we already share as friends and colleagues. It’s helped me to be completely open and honest and not hold back who I am with them.  It has truly been an honor to see what they do with my movement and ultimately what they bring to it and where they take it!

I want the audience to feel drawn in by these women, and transported into a world where we speak through our movement. I want them to feel the strength and confidence of each woman — to be able to connect deep within in themselves to moments where they grew an inch taller, dug a foot deeper, and challenged what they thought was the limit emotionally and physically. We all have had steps and motivations that push us past fear and doubt. These women are shedding light onto the moments that we can hardly believe we pushed through. I want everyone to feel touched by their beauty and their vulnerability.

The history and talent that has graced the stage at the Auditorium Theatre is endless, and now I will be a small addition to that iconic history. Dance, art, creation… I live for this. It’s what I thrive in, what I function in and what I always dreamed of. I will have the biggest dear diary moment of my life on March 28th 2015. It will be a magical night that I’ll never forget.

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Photo of RNDC in Beast by Cheryl Mann.