The Auditorium Theatre and London’s Royal Ballet are looking for six male supernumeraries for the performances of “Don Quixote” to be held at the Auditorium June 18 – 21, 2015. This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to appear on our landmark stage with some of the world’s greatest ballet stars!

No dance experience is necessary, but size is important. The costumes, after all, are coming from England and only minimal alterations can be done to them.

So here is what we are looking for in our quest (“Quest” – “Don Quixote”; did you get that clever play on words?):

A 6’ tall man with a 48.5” chest, 37” waist and 43” hips.

A 6’ tall man with a 40” chest, 33” waist and 41” hips.

A 5’-7” man with a 37” chest, 29” waist and 36” hips.

A 6”-1” man with a 39” chest, 34” waist and 44.5” hips.

A 6’-1” man with a 38” chest, 32” waist and 30” hips.

A 5’11’ man with a 42” chest, 37” waist and 40” hips.

Please note, these measurements are approximate, so if you are just slightly off from these, please let us know anyway.

To apply, please call Kathy Bliss at (312)341-2365 or email her at  and have your measurements handy. Although there is no compensation for this incredible opportunity, we will be happy to pay for your parking when you need to be here and provide you with four comps to the show.

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