Skylar Law (far right) with camp friends.

“On my first day of camp when I walked in, I was nervous like many new campers are. The first thing I remember when we all sat down was being asked, ‘Do you all know what you have in common?’ One camper raised their hand and said, ‘We have all lost either one or both parents.’

Before this, I felt like I was the only one other than my sister who had had this experience. More and more throughout the day I became more comfortable, and I soon found my first friend there. Today she is one of my closest friends and by the end of the day I was laughing with a group of new friends.

Because we all had this rough experience of losing a parent, we were all able to connect in a special way. We didn’t feel alone anymore. Camp means family to me, and every year we gain new members.

Now I am a junior counselor and get to share my compassion with campers through sharing our experience together.”

-Skylar Law, Age 16

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