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Auditorium Theatre’s 2018-19 Season Announced!
At the Auditorium Theatre, we deal in stories, whether they are told through dance, music, or spoken word. Just as our 128-year-old landmark has its own tales to share, so do the artists and speakers who grace our historic stage. Throughout our 2018-19 Season, we highlight these exceptional storytellers. — Watch Video!

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Dudes on Dance

The Auditorium invites gentlemen who are dance newbies to review one of our shows! The incentive? Free tickets for a date night! View past and current season reviews!

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Afterthoughts at #TheAud

We talk to our audience members post-show to get some of their thoughts and feedback. Performance reactions from past and current seasons.

Featured #AudTalk Podcast

Episode 15 – A Conversation with Veteran Ailey Dancer Jamar Roberts
Auditorium Theatre Ailey Ambassador and Ayodele Drum & Dance Business Manager Mashaune Hardy discussed #AILEYinChicago’s upcoming performances with veteran Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater dancer Jamar Roberts. Listen as Jamar tells us more about his choreographic debut with the company, what he’s looking forward to doing while in Chicago, and what works he’s excited to perform!

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