Throughout the Auditorium Theatre’s exceptional 126-year history, millions of arts lovers have passed through our doors. Each one has a special memory of their experience—including you. Here’s your chance to share your favorite memory for generations of our future patrons to admire.

The MEMORY WALL is a collection of our treasured memories. This wall features plaques containing the names, dates, and meaningful moments from our friends just like you. There are still plenty of spaces available to reserve your place on this enduring time capsule.

Whether it’s seeing The Who, or a “who’s who” of American dance…whether watching a child’s eyes light up during a performance of “The Nutcracker” or marveling at the beauty of Adler and Sullivan’s vision… those experiences can now be recorded forever. And whatever your favorite memory of the Auditorium might be—witnessing a performance or marveling at the architecture, attending an event with your friends or being onstage—you can now share it with all of us and for future generations to enjoy.

To learn more about how you can share your memory with us for years to come, call 312.341.2397, or email