You can help save a child’s life. Give now.

From the moment they first step through the door to their final performance on stage, they know they’re part of something special.

Their hearts may race as they stand in front of the crowd, and their emotions may run high, but each of them represents an undeniably inspiring story of success.

These performers aren’t critically-acclaimed musicians or world-renowned dancers…they’re children. And they are part of Hands Together, Heart to Art™, one of the Auditorium Theatre’s most profound community outreach programs.

Hands Together, Heart to Art™ is the Auditorium Theatre’s one-of-a-kind summer arts camp for children who have experienced the death of a parent. The camp uses music, dance, theatre, and visual arts to help the children interact, communicate, and ultimately heal.

Each summer, the Auditorium Theatre hosts two, two week sessions of Hands Together, Heart to Art™ for children ages 7-14 who are grieving the death of one or both parents. Of all of the Auditorium’s extensive outreach programs, Hands Together, Heart to Art™ remains one of the most inspiring, and essential.

The indescribable grief, confusion and anger left in the wake of such a debilitating loss are problems that, if unaddressed, can wreak unimaginable damage on a child’s future development and forever destroy the structure of their family. The goal of Hands Together, Heart to Art™, however, is not merely to affect positive change in the children’s lives—but to initiate a process of growth, healing, and development among the families so they can lead productive and successful futures and help strengthen the communities in which they reside. It is a daunting task, but is nevertheless necessary…and we are eternally grateful to dear friends throughout Chicago who help make these goals, and these dreams, a reality.

Give to Hands Together, Heart to Art™ today!

For questions about donating or to make a gift over the phone, call 312.341.2364.


Hands Together, Heart to Art is sponsored by the Lauri S. Bauer Foundation for Sudden Loss, the Efroymson Family Fund, A. Montgomery Ward Foundation, Chicago Cabaret Professionals, The Grainger Foundation, The Collins Charitable Fund, Taxman Family Foundation, and the Ivanhoe Theater Foundation.