Sponsor a CPS Classroom

AXC-Dulles-2.12aArtsXChange directly addresses the need for arts education and exposure in our public schools, many of which are at-risk schools at the heart of Chicago’s most disadvantaged communities. Help us continue our expansion of ArtsXChange into the greater Chicago Public School District and support classroom teachers in working hard to provide quality arts experiences for their students, despite lean school budgets.  By growing ArtsXChange within CPS, we will equip these students’ primary educators with the tools necessary to successfully and continuously expose their classrooms to the benefit and relevance of the arts in all areas of life and learning.

About ArtsXChange

ArtsXChange, one of the most original and groundbreaking professional development programs in Chicago, provides classroom teachers with long-term professional development and coaching in arts-based learning techniques.  By pairing participating Chicago Public School teachers with a Teaching Artist Mentor (TAM), ArtsXChange trains educators to integrate the arts into everyday classroom learning.  Ultimately, ArtsXChange imparts knowledge, enhances capacity, and affects long-lasting change in overall teaching practice.


Why Give?

In light of the current challenges our Chicago Public Schools are facing, we at the Auditorium Theatre are committed to providing ArtsXChange programming free of cost to this year’s participating classrooms.

We need your help.  The total cost to a CPS classroom to participate in ArtsXChange is $4,300—a fee that is simply insurmountable for any classroom in our current public school system.  This cost directly correlates to the most crucial elements of the program: TAM training, classroom residency time, tickets to see three student matinee performances at the Auditorium Theatre, buses to and from the theatre, and specific supplies.

Donate today to sponsor a CPS classroom and bring the arts back into our public schools.  No gift is too small.  Just $50 sponsors one student’s participation in ArtsXChange for the entire schoolyear.

ArtsXChange provides a method of educational and cultural programming of the most exceptional standard to Chicago’s children as they grow, giving them the necessary tools to impact the Chicagoland area and beyond as confident and empowered future residents, artists, and leaders in adulthood.  Partner with us to make this critical impact—sponsor the ArtsXChange experience today.IMG_1649

Sponsorship Levels

$4,300 – Classroom Sponsor
This immensely generous donation will provide a full sponsorship for ArtsXChange residency programming in one classroom.  Includes: TAM training, 3 weeks of in-class residency time, supplies, three bus trips to and from the theatre, and student matinee ticket costs to three performances at the Auditorium Theatre.

$1,120 – Student Matinee Ticket Sponsor
This donation will cover all ticket costs for one classroom of students to attend the full season of student matinee performances – three shows over the course of the school year.

$980 –Teaching Artist Mentor Sponsor
A donation of this amount will provide for all training and professional development expenses for one of our Teaching Artist Mentors, fully preparing them for their work in the classroom.

$540 – Sponsor Three Bus Trips
Donate to provide three bus trips to get a CPS classroom to the Auditorium Theatre for each of the student matinee performances throughout the school year.

$180 – Sponsor One Bus Trip
Sponsor one bus trip to and from the Auditorium for one of the three student matinees over the course of the residency.

$125 – Supplies Sponsor
This donation will pay for one year’s worth of residency supplies for an ArtsXChange classroom.

$50 – Student Sponsor
This donation supports one student’s experience throughout one year of ArtsXChange programming.  A donation of this amount will impact a child’s life forever!

ArtsXChange is made in possible in part through the generosity of the Polk Bros Foundation.

For more information, please call 312.341.2364 or email ksaroff@auditoriumtheatre.org.