After 10 original performances over three months, The Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University has selected six Chicago dance companies to perform on the landmark stage for the MUSIC + MOVEMENT SHOWCASE. Learn about the companies and the pieces they will be performing below!
En la huasteca
Choreography: Samuel Cortez
Music: Los Condenados Huastecos
Carmen Gallardo, Nina Sandoval, Maira Jimenez, Mirella Borjon, Yesenia Alvarez, Beatriz Leyva, Maricela Gallegos, Liz Ledezma, Edgar Medrano, Gustavo Martinez, Eduardo Cortez, Anthony Ledezma, Ezequiel Flores, Rickey Ledezma, Angel Ledezma, Isidro Padilla, Nayeli Villagomez, David Carrillo, Teresa Perez, Betsy Corral, Blanca Acevedo, Natalia Cardenas, Hector Briseño, Jose Enrique Vazquez, and Edgar Hernandez
The Huapango is a product of a sentiment manifested by music chords, lyrics, and a wooden platform resonating soft heel clicking, which symbolizes the Huasteca culture. The Huapango arose during the colonial period’s Spanish-influenced dances and popular lyrics; yet, it retained aspects of the mestizo and indigenous sectors and identifies itself as a regional culture. Based on different traditions from this region, MDE premiers “En la huasteca,” a set of huapangos, that take us to this land of beautiful music and tradition.

Created for the MUSIC + MOVEMENT FESTIVAL and premiered by Mexican Dance Ensemble at the Auditorium Theatre’s Katten/Landau Studio on April 7, 2013.
Push Past Break
Choreography: Michelle Dorrance
Music: “St. Louis Blues,” “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Anywhere I Can”
Composition: W.C. Handy, Mae Boren Axton, Tommy Durden, and Toshi Reagon
Music performed by: Greg Spero (Piano), Junius Paul (Bass),
Xavier Breaker (Drums) and Tressa Thomas (Vocalist)
Lighting: Joshua Paul Weckesser
Heather Brown, Tristan Bruns, Kristi Burris, Zada Cheeks, and Starinah Dixon 
“Some of the great indigenous American art forms: the blues, tap dance, hip hop/house, have deeprooted rhythmic and vernacular connections. We find their origins and roots in the poorest, often most oppressed people and circumstances the country has known and yet these forms illustrate that devastation can be the foundation for dynamic joyful expression.
—Michelle Dorrance (Choreographer)

The creation of “Push Past Break” was supported by the Princess Grace Foundation and the MUSIC + MOVEMENT FESTIVAL, premiered by Chicago Human Rhythm Project at the Auditorium Theatre’s Katten/Landau Studio on April 4, 2013.
Welcome To The Salon/Barber Shop — Get Your Journal In! — I Got These Kids
Choreography: Christopher “Mad Dog” Thomas (Footwork and Hip Hop Dance Educator)
Musical Performance by: Urban Aspirations — Executive Director Marcus Burks, U.A. Ensemble Member Sam Trump, Winston Tyler, Everett Reid and Eric Williams
Original Compositions by: Winston Tyler
Co- Directors: Jacinda Bullie and Jaquanda Villegas
Assistant Choreography: Oshe Bates, Darius Parker, Davonte Williams, and Eddie Martin Jr.
KLAdult Ensemble
Jaquanda Villegas, Christopher Thomas, Jacinda Bullie, Keith Redmond, and Darius Parker
KLPerformance Ensemble Apprentices
Kieyana Itson, Oshe Bates, Sahara Burton, Tanya Smith, Jeremiah Perry, Jahleigh Bullie, Sejahari Villegas, Ariel Salgado, Karina Salgado, Stephany Sanchez, AshleyNaes de Venecia, Dwight Alaba, Marquis Hudson, Da’Shay Barlow, Tatiana Serrato, Mike Johnson, Alexis Pettis, Mike Jones, Artezia Hussan, and Marshan Hall
Created for the MUSIC + MOVEMENT FESTIVAL and premiered by Kuumba Lynx at the Auditorium Theatre’s Katten/Landau Studio on March 24, 2013.
Choreography: Melissa Thodos
Music: Praeludium and Allegro (in the style of Pugnani) by Fritz Kreisler
Violinist: Amanda Batterson
Costumes: Rosella Nitti
Lighting: Nathan Tomlinson, Jacob Snodgrass
Annie Deutz, Caitlin Cucchiara, Diana Robertson, Ray Dones, Kyle Hadenfeldt, and Joshua Manculich
Created for the MUSIC + MOVEMENT FESTIVAL and premiered by Thodos Dance Chicago at the Auditorium Theatre’s Katten/Landau Studio on February 28, 2013.
Lagrimas Negras- Black Tears
Choreography: Wilfredo Rivera
Composition: Miguel Matamoros
Music performed by: James Sanders, Violin; Pharez Whitted, Trumpet; Dan Hesler, Flute;
Marc Abel, Keyboards; Stu Greenspan, Bass; Rob Dicke, Drums; Joe Cerqua, Vocals
Laura Chiuve, Jennifer Colvin, Rachel Cortes, Andrea Deline, Kate Dempsey, Evan Howard, Maxey Koch, Marc Macaranas, Madison Suffredini, and Raphaelle Ziemba
Created for the MUSIC + MOVEMENT FESTIVAL and premiered by Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre at the Auditorium Theatre’s Katten/Landau Studio on March 2, 2013.
From Here to There
Choreography: Francisco Aviña
Music composed and performed by: Paul Wertico
Costumes: Vin
Lighting: Todd L. Clark
Assistants to the choreographer: Odbayar Batsuuri and Shauna Zambelli
Music editing: Christopher Perricelli/New Realm Studios
Greg Blackmon, Steffi Cheong, Marissa Horton, Demetrius McClendon, Angela Dice Nguyen, and Matt Wenckowski
Commissioned by the Auditorium Theatre as part of their MUSIC + MOVEMENT FESTIVAL and premiered by DanceWorks Chicago at the Katten/Landau Studio in Chicago, IL, on April 7, 2013.Generously underwritten by Trudy and Jim Westerman.
Choreography: Autumn Eckman with concept and structure by Nan Giordano
Original Music: Evan Bivins
Music performed by: Evan Bivins, Kevin O’Donnell
Costumes: Nina G
Lighting: Kam Hobbs
Devin Buchanan, Joshua Blake Carter, Zachary Heller, Lindsey LaFountain, Lindsey Leduc, Maeghan McHale, Ashley Rockwood, Sean Rozanski, Meredith Schultz, Martin Ortiz Tapia