Brazil’s Grupo Corpo visits Chicago for the first time, adding some welcome fire to our cold winter months. The brothers Rodrigo and Paulo Pederneiras have created a muscular movement language influenced by modern, ballet, contemporary and traditional Brazilian dances that is entirely unique. The extraordinarily lithe dancers of Grupo Corpo use the ground with the power of rhythmic gymnasts, falling into the floor with their full length as though it were a trampoline, or laterally exploding from it in too-fast-for-film switch kicks. Their physicality is virtuosic and precise, and aggression, eroticism and joy weave through the two pieces on the program. “Sem Mim” is set to Galician-Portuguese medieval songs, with dancers in leotards that create the illusion of full-body tattoos. “Onqoto” draws a metaphor between the creation of the universe and (what else?) soccer matches. (Sharon Hoyer)

Grupo Corpo at the Auditorium Theatre, 50 East Congress, (800)982-2787. Saturday, February 28 at 7:30pm and Sunday, March 1 at 3pm. $25-$65.

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