Hello, I’m John Walton, and I’m the new Sales Associate at the Auditorium Theatre. As a former intern in the Auditorium’s operations department, it’s fun to return here in the marketing and sales department. I’m having a blast working with all our group and subscription patrons, since everyone is excited and thrilled about attending our performances.

I graduated from Western Illinois University in Music Business. Originally a Music Education major, I switched to Music Business with a focus on arts administration because I wanted to pursue a career that offers more opportunities. I chose arts administration because I want to work with a not-for-profit organization ensuring that I work on projects I’m truly passionate about–and working here makes that a reality.

Born and raised in Chicago, I have been involved with music my whole life including: playing trombone and piano, dabbling in Double Bass and participating in my church choir. With Chicago’s vibrant arts community, it’s easy to see why I haven’t traipsed far from home. Though I’m busy starting my arts administration career, it would be great to perform again with a big band, concert ensemble or popular music group with my buddies one day.

In my spare time, I enjoy brewing my own beer. Like anything in life, it’s quite challenging, and you need more than one set of hands to make it happen. When everything comes together, it’s also very rewarding.

If the remainder of the season is anything like my first month here, I believe working in sales will be very fulfilling. I look forward to working with everyone within these historic theatre walls.

If you are interested in becoming a subscriber or bringing a group of 10 or more of your favorite people to the Auditorium Theatre, feel free to contact John at 312.341.2357 or e-mail him here