By Alix de Commines, Auditorium Theatre Intern

As a kid, I played harp, took music theory classes, and danced ballet in a Parisian Academy of music, so I grew up immerged in an artistic atmosphere. If I live twice, I actually wish I could be a ballet dancer, but this life had other plans for me as I happen to be better at negotiating and following the business-oriented side of the arts. Promoting dance, especially ballet, through an arts administration internship appeared to be the best fit for me.

I feel like promoting the arts and working to broaden its audience is essential for our society. Indeed, our generation is highly specialized, and even though people are excellent at what they are doing, they don’t necessarily have a broad cultural overview. It’s a shame because it helps to build a balanced personality. By promoting the arts, your goal is to make people feel something new, think about things differently, and broaden their knowledge of artistic creation. I believe you cannot fulfill yourself without the arts, either professionally or personally. Anything in life can be related to the arts. It’s all about helping people build finer critical thinking skills, find out who they are, and figure out their artistic tastes. It also helps develop sensitivity to other cultures throughout the various types of ethnic dance and music, including: contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, flamenco, ballet, and many others.

The main message I want to work on at the Auditorium Theatre is telling people that these shows are made for them—for everyone. The arts are not as selective as they used to be. To make this audience broader, our mission is to use business strategies to reach people in order to make them aware that there is a huge cultural legacy that is not going to survive without them and without their interest. The arts administration staff at the Auditorium Theatre is doing an amazing job promoting dance and music. It’s a really good experience for me to work side by side with people who have the same goal of preserving and highlighting their 125-year-old building by attracting the most diverse population through broad and multi-cultural programming.

This internship has been really beneficial for me for various reasons. I have learned how a theater works, both backstage and front of house, why certain shows come to certain places, and how the artistic life is organized! You won’t have this opportunity twice in your life! So if you don’t know the awesome staff of the Auditorium Theatre yet, if you’ve never walked to the dress circle of one the most beautiful buildings in Chicago, if it has been a long time since you’ve seen a dance performance, or if you want to become part of the adventure, do it now and come to the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University! I will be more than happy and proud to give you a private tour!

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