By Jennifer Turner, Chief Operating Officer/General Manager

In early December, I joined over one hundred arts professionals representing thirty-five countries assembled in Tel Aviv for the 2012 International Exposure. Learn about my experience by reading Dance in the Land of Milk and Honey [Part 1 of 2]

Videos and info on some of the dance companies I loved are below. Enjoy!

Vertigo Dance Company – Birth of the Phoenix   – The performance takes place under a geodesic dome that explores the relationship between man and the environment. The Vertigo Dance Company established the Vertigo Eco-Art Village in 2007 outside of Jerusalem where the company both lives and works. The intimate connection between the audience and dancers pulls you into performance and holds tight until the dancers are ready to release you out into the night.

Orly Portal Dance Company – Rabia – Rabia was an achingly gorgeous, traditional and haunting piece. The music and costumes were beautiful but I was most taken by the sensuality and expression in even the smallest of movements.

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company – If At All – Kibbutz has toured the states and I had some familiarity with the company prior to the trip. I loved the energy and strength of the company; this is definitely a company to watch for in the future.

Renana RazYouMake, ReMake – stage your response – This piece was so creative and fresh. The audience views a YouTube video either before or after a performance or a “reaction” to the video. Renana constantly creates new works and collaborates internationally to develop local pieces. My favorite piece began with this video and ended with this. The dancers in between tied these videos together in an unexpected emotional and visceral performance.

 Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor – Two Room Apartment – A lot of the dance I saw at the Exposure focused on defining space or existing within borders. This piece began with the physical marking of the space and worked up to the relationship of the two people in inhabiting that space. The piece, created by Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal originally premiered in 1987. It is a subtle piece that slowly pulls you in stays long after it ends. 

Also check out:
Odelya Kuperberg Dance – We haven’t seen blood. Yet
Eldad Ben Sasson – Strange Attractor
Thank you to the Suzanne Dellah Center, Consulate of Israel, Midwest, The Ministry of Culture and Sport, & Consulate of Israel, New York.