The Auditorium Theatre’s vast and exceptional history spans nearly 125 years.     

In that time, an insurmountable number of national and international historic and cultural figures graced our stage.  Booker T. Washington spoke on civil rights, Sarah Bernhardt performed her greatest moments, and Anna Pavlova bid farewell to her loving audiences.  American soldiers bowled on our stage during World War II, Jimi Hendrix rocked out at the height of his career, and the Beach Boys played to sold out houses.  “Les Miserables” moved thousands to tears while the Bolshoi Ballet inspired all.  

 The Auditorium’s 3,800 seat house has been filled time and time again over the last 124 years as millions of audience members have passed through its doors.  Each of those individuals has an invaluable memory of their time here–including you.  Now, as our 125th anniversary quickly approaches, you have the opportunity to share your memory on our “Memory Wall,” a permanent installation to be built on the north wall of the Auditorium Theatre’s lobby.   

Whether it’s seeing The Who, or a “who’s who” of American dance…whether watching a child’s eyes light up during a performance of “The Nutcracker” or marveling at the beauty of Adler and  Sullivan’s vision… those experiences can now be recorded forever.  And whatever your favorite memory of the Auditorium might be—witnessing a performance or marveling at the architecture, attending an event or experiencing a show with your friends—you can now share it for future generations to enjoy. 

To learn more about how you can share your memory for years to come, call (312) 341-2397, or email