Covid-19 Safety FAQs for Hearts to Art Camp

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Please note, there are chances some of the specifics will be adjusted as the Covid-19 situation changes. We will do our best to update these FAQ’s as often as needed!

Will you be limiting enrollment for this year? Yes. Much like other bereavement camps across the country, we have lowered our enrollment from 45 to 28 campers per session to reduce chances of exposure.

What other exposure protocols are you putting in place? We will be implementing podding, having mask mandates, symptom checks, intensive cleaning, social distancing, doing any activities listed as ‘high risk’ by the CDC outdoors, and NOT hosting in-person shows for this year.

How will podding work? Each camper will be assigned to a pod. There will be 4 pods this year, each specializing in a different art form. The pods will have a maximum of 7 campers and will also have 2 dedicated staff members and one Junior Counselor. Clinical staff and Leadership staff will rotate between pods. This is the group they will do their classes in, their healing groups in, their filming for shows in, and more.

Will campers be able to choose their pods? Yes and no. Campers will be able to choose their top two art forms that they want to specialize in – teachers will send out videos about each art to help campers make up their minds. Camp staff will then make up the pods based on those preferences. Those pods, however, will be final.

Will campers get to participate in all art forms, or just one? Campers will take classes in all four art forms every day. Teachers will move from class to class, campers will not – for the sake of limiting exposure. The specialized art form is what they will be featured in during the final show, however they will still all be in our full camp song and dance.

Will Hearts to Art still be offering food? Yes. Campers will still be fed daily lunch and two snacks free of charge. These activities will be outdoors and well spaced out. As always, campers are free to bring their own food if they prefer.

Will there still be pre-care and post care? Yes. Depending on several factors, it will either be outdoors or in pods.

How will shows work if they are not in person? Like last year, shows will be filmed on Thursdays and have live premiere’s online on Fridays. Unlike last year we will be filming the shows all together and with our own technology which will make it easier for all as well as make the quality higher. We wish we could be in person for shows, but we would not be able to keep other Covid-19 safety protocols in place and perform.

Will Caregivers be able to watch the shows with their campers? We are looking at all the options as far as how shows will be presented/how Fridays at camp will run. We will keep you posted.

Will there still be a Talent Show and a Final Show? YES!

How will community and comfort work during challenging emotional times for campers if social distancing is in place? This is a hard topic, we so long to have the physical closeness we are used to having at Hearts to Art. However we were all able to support each other and create community last summer while online and even though it will feel different, we will find ways of doing the same this year while maintaining our distance. We will continue to look at numbers in and around Chicago to see if it is responsible for campers within pods to have closer proximity to each other.

What happens if someone gets Covid-19/has direct exposure to Covid-19? We are still working out what the plan is for this scenario, but we will have a plan in place and communicated before the start of camp.

Will staff be vaccinated? We are unable to force staff to be vaccinated, however as people who work with kids, all staff at Hearts to Art are eligible to be vaccinated and many might be vaccinated by the time camp starts. We are working with all staff who want vaccines to get them well before the start of the program.

Is there a chance this plan will change? There is always a chance things will change. We will be creating a metric based on CDC, Illinois and Chicago guidance in the event of another serge that will dictate what Covid-19 numbers would be to impact our programming plans. We will release this information ASAP.