A Living Art Form: Giordano Dance Chicago Honors Jazz Dance Legacy

Cesar G. Salinas in “Wings”! As America’s original jazz dance company prepares to take our stage, you may be wondering, “What is jazz dance?” Some have argued that this iconic company has moved beyond jazz dance and entered into a more contemporary dance world, but if you delve deeper into the company’s June 9 program, you’ll find an unbelievably rich, breathtakingly diverse presentation of the many veins of American jazz dance. It was dance pioneer and GDC founder Gus Gior

Meet Alicia Alonso

Originally published on Ballet Nacional de Cuba’s website. Alicia Alonso in “Don Quixote,” photo by Alessio di Paola Alicia Alonso, prima ballerina assoluta and general director of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, is one of the most outstanding personalities in ballet history and is the top figure of classical ballet in the realm of Ibero-American culture. She was born in Havana, where she started her ballet studies in 1931, at the Pro-Arte Musical Society Ballet School. Later she

Interview with Choreographer Alicia Alonso

Alicia Alonso in “Don Quixote” in 1968, photo by Alessio di Paola Ballet Nacional de Cuba returns to the Auditorium in May for three performances of its acclaimed Don Quixote, choreographed by longtime company director Alicia Alonso. The company’s version of the ballet puts a distinctly Cuban spin on the story ballet and has been called “a fiesta for firebrands” by the Washington Post. In this interview with the Auditorium Theatre, Alonso discusses the ideas behind her versio