Alvin Ailey 2018 Programming

Program A Talley Beatty’s Stack-Up New Production Inspired by Los Angeles’ urban landscape and the lives of its disparate inhabitants, Stack-Up depicts the emotional “traffic” in a community that is stacked on top of each other. Set to the background of a throbbing 1970s beat (with music by Earth, Wind & Fire; Grover Washington, Jr.; Fearless Four; and Alphonze Mouzon) and a graffiti landscape, patrons in a crowded disco dance with attitude, sass, and fierce despair in this classi

Why Director Joan Curto Chose to Celebrate Ella Fitzgerald and Lena Horne

Written by Joan Curto In commemoration of their centennials, much has been written about the lives, careers, awards, and accomplishments of Ella Fitzgerald and Lena Horne individually. But in my research for the upcoming show on November 17 at the Auditorium Theatre, something struck me: the similarities between the two women. Not just the fact that they were both black women, who lived during a time of significant racial inequality and segregation, yet rose to great heights in their respective

Meet the Golden Dancers

In honor of the Auditorium Theatre’s 50th anniversary of its grand re-opening, A Golden Celebration of Dance honors the legendary dance history of the Auditorium Theatre, stars the world’s best dancers, and features the next generation of dance. Meet the Golden Dancers below, and join us as we commemorate 50 years with a one-night-only mixed repertory program! JACQUELINE BURNETT (Hubbard Street Dance Chicago) is from Pocatello, ID. Burnett received classical ballet training in Pocate