Every Sunday at 10AM

Join Willow Creek Community Church at their downtown home in the Auditorium Theatre every Sunday at 10AM.

A church is a reflection of the unique collection of people who call it home, and each has its own fingerprint. Not better or worse, just different. At Willow Chicago we express this distinctive fingerprint as a multicultural community trying to live out the attributes of the first church in Acts chapter 2. These attributes include: Learning, Fellowship, Communion, Worship, Prayer, Unity, Generosity, Engagement, Gratitude, and Transformation.

We focus so intently on becoming a community because, as scripture echoes, our only hope for that transformation is through relationship, both with God and other people. This specific church from the book of Acts was created by the followers of Jesus in the 1st century. As they did, we seek to pursue unity amidst profound diversity, choosing to be defined by the extravagant grace of Jesus Christ for all people.

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