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Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center’s Bryant Ballet with Sylvia and Miguel de la Cerna


Venue: South Shore Cultural Center
Dates: Friday, June 21, 2013
Times: 6:30PM
Price: FREE

Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center’s (CMDC) Bryant Ballet will perform at the South Shore Cultural Center on June 21 at 6:30PM. Free to the public.

South Shore Cultural Center
7059 S. South Shore Dr.
Chicago IL, 60649

Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center’s (CMDC) Bryant Ballet is an urban ballet dance company rooted in strong influences of hip hop, African-Caribbean, jazz, and Latin dance. CMDC’s Bryant Ballet welcomes husband and wife music duo Sylvia and Miguel de la Cerna for this collaboration. Sylvia plays both jazz and classical violin, while Miguel is known as an international pianist/composer.

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Additional Artists Information:

Bryant Ballet is the performance division of the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center (CMDC). CMDC has served Chicago’s communities for over 20 years under the leadership of Founder and Artistic Director Homer Hans Bryant. He founded the Bryant Ballet School and Company in 1990 to create a neoclassical ballet technique which integrates a diversity of dance styles and honors the richness of multicultural heritage. The name of the school was officially changed to Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center in 1997. In 2008, Bryant merged ballet and street dance to create Hiplet™, a new technique featuring hip hop dance in pointe shoes. Learn more about the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center .

Sylvia de la Cerna, is a freelance professional violinist in Chicago who has a passion for playing both classical and jazz violin. Sometimes, through her work with her husband, renown international pianist/composer, Miguel de la Cerna, she is able to merge the two styles together for an exciting blend of the two musical idioms. Between improvisations, Sylvia spends her time honing her skills as a member of the Lake Forest Symphony and the Chicago Sinfonietta, where she is a founding member. Sylvia also works on the administrative side of music as the contractor for the Auditorium Theatre and the Orchestral Personnel Manager for the Chicago Sinfonietta. Miguel and Sylvia's CD/DVD "Music In The Loft" is available for purchase.

Photo of Bryant Ballet by Preston Thomas Photography.