JOIN the Auditorium ADMIT ONE Community!

Groundbreaking ballerina Misty Copeland, a soloist dancing with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre, got her start in after-school dance classes at a neighborhood community center.

With the Auditorium ADMIT ONE program, you can help us fuel the dreams of Chicago’s own hopeful artists and inspire their dedication by giving them and their families an unforgettable experience of the world-class music and dance performances here at the Auditorium.

We partner with after-school groups, neighborhood groups, and arts-based social service agencies to bring youth, their families, as well as adults and seniors who might not otherwise have the chance, to an upcoming 2016-17 Season presentation, including  Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg (MAY 19-21).


Share your love of the performing arts. With your generosity to the Auditorium ADMIT ONE Fund this season, you can help us provide someone else with a remarkable Auditorium experience that they will cherish for a lifetime. Please consider giving to the Auditorium ADMIT ONE Fund whenever you place a ticket order online, or give now.

Thank you!


Do you belong to—or know of a Chicago neighborhood group that wants to experience world-class dance and music at one of the most legendary stages in Chicago? Apply online here to become an Auditorium ADMIT ONE Partner and spark your community’s connection with the performing arts!

Partner groups get FREE tickets to an upcoming performance at the Auditorium Theatre, including  Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg (MAY 19-21).

To apply, simply answer a few short questions about your group and why you want free tickets to attend Eifman. As a partner, your group will also have access to other opportunities, including:

  • The chance to explore Boris Eifman’s Red Giselle and actively create dance during Auditorium-led workshop(s) in your community.
  • VIP treatment in the Auditorium lobby before the performance.

Is your group eligible?

  • Is your group based in a Chicago neighborhood community? (Unfortunately, K-12 schools are not eligible at this time, but after-school groups are encouraged to apply!)
  • Can you organize a group of 20 or more people (ages 5+) to attend Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to both of the questions above, then apply hereApplications will be reviewed on a rolling basis as they are received, and no applications submitted after Friday, May 5 will be considered for our presentations of Eifman Ballet. The Auditorium will confirm receipt of your application within three business days. Recipients will be notified no later than May 12 for Eifman.

The Auditorium ADMIT ONE program is intended to benefit Chicago residents—youth, families, adults, and seniors – who have limited access to attend live performances at the Auditorium Theatre. Preference may be given to groups who have never been to the Auditorium before.

Depending on gifts made to the Auditorium ADMIT ONE, the Auditorium hopes to send Partner groups to other presentations this season. Workshop availability is limited and will be awarded based on interest and demonstration of need, at the discretion of Auditorium Theatre.