Residencies, Workshops, and Master Classes

The Auditorium Theatre strives to connect the artists that appear on our stage with our community. Each season’s line-up provides several opportunities for deeper exploration of art making and performance technique.

In School Residencies:

Artists bring 5-9 class residency experiences directly to your classroom and lead your students in exploring the creative process in connection to a work of art on the Auditorium stage. Specific content varies with each residency, depending on the connecting work of art.

  • Too Hot to Handel Residency–Bringing together the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the music of Too Hot To Handel, students will examine Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of the “beloved community” while gaining a basic understanding of musical composition. Under the guidance of our Too Hot Teaching Artist students will create a final musical composition reflecting on and musically articulating their own vision of what Dr. King’s beloved community means to them now —just in time to celebrate his birthday on January 15th!
  • Too Hot to Handel Poetry Residency–By exploring the ways Dr. King and others use words to create an emotional impact on their listeners, students discover how they can use their individual voices to create “sounds of non-violence” and affect positive change.  Over the course of eight one-hour sessions students work to create and then perform poems based on their knowledge of Dr. King and their experiences within their own communities. Residencies end in a spoken word performance of all students’ poems.
  • Power in Movement Residency–In this 9 class residency, students explore how they can unite as a community to create movement that sends a message.  Using dance as a lens to explore the concept of community, students are challenged to make active choices as an ensemble and as individuals that change the “motion” of their own communities, as they explore and connect to dance performance.


One-time classes, during which artists lead students in a 1-2 hour exploration of art-making and even delve into performance technique! Again, specific content varies with each workshop, depending on the connecting work of art.

  • Too Hot to Handel Workshop–Through the music of Too Hot to Handel: the Jazz Gospel Messiah, students will explore Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s advocacy of cooperative nonviolence as a means of change. Like the musicians in the performance, students will be empowered to positively change the sound of their communities through their choices by creating a piece of visual art symbolizing their commitment to positive self-expression.

**Residency and Workshop Programs are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are interested in partnering for an upcoming residency or workshop, please contact the Department of Creative Engagement as soon as possible!

Master Classes:

Technique-based classes focused on the specific performance style of the performers currently on the Auditorium stage. Master Classes are typically held on weekends, and participants are admitted through a short application process.

  • Too Hot Choral Festival–Chicago area high school choirs are invited to participate in the full day of music. Throughout the festival events, participants will have the opportunity to interact and work with Too Hot Artists as well as other prominent Chicago musicians.

If you have questions or would like more information regarding any of our in school and student programming listed above, please contact our Creative Engagement offices at or call 312-341-2359.