The Auditorium Theatre Auxiliary Board is a diverse group of young professionals committed to furthering the mission of the Auditorium Theatre.

The Auxiliary Board is devoted to raising awareness and generating support for the Auditorium’s educational outreach efforts and world-renowned programming and helping fund the restoration and preservation of our National Historic Landmark Auditorium Theatre.

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“I love the sense of camaraderie that we have as a group, now and moving forward.”
– Rob Gordon (Chief Financial Officer at

“In my opinion, there is no greater way to get invested into the culture heritage of a city than to go to its oldest cultural instruction, in Chicago’s case, that’s the Auditorium.”
– Dillon Goodson (Marketing Manager at Chicago Loop Alliance)

“My favorite part is helping to create an environment that Young Professionals want to get involved with.”
– Kari Micheel (Physical Therapist at Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers)

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General Body Members

Ryan Bormet, Jason Burch, Alisha Chambers, Ashley May Coussens, Sabrina Lee Edelhauser, Kristin Fuhs, Sherri Furcron, Elizabeth Garfien, Anthony Guerrero, Michelle Hudson, Ann Johnson, Sean Mallory, Molly Mehl, Joseph Martin III, Brittany McGhee, Mallory Moore, Heather Morrison, Aisha Murff, Olivia Pasquinelli, Cynthia Perez, Courtney Roberts, Crystal Szewczyk, Jamila Williams, and Lily Wojtowicz.